Children playing around mushroom cubby house

The value of nature-based play

The natural world stimulates children’s imaginations and makes them more aware of the world around them. In a world of concrete and electronics, many children are being protected from the smell of the bush and the beauty of the natural world, and grow up with little connection or interest in the wildlife that surrounds us.

At Natureworks we are constantly producing child-friendly animal art as climb on and decorative elements to create and enhance magical spaces for backyards, childcare and shopping centres, schools and council playgrounds.

Apart from the cute and realistic life-size and larger than life animal characters, Natureworks has a library of 3D nature-based furniture items, including rocks, logs, mushrooms, trees and tree slides, giant flowers, dinosaur bones, fossil digs, dinotopia characters, giant turtle and snail shells and friendly frogs.

We have a spectacular mushroom cubby house and are in the process of building a series of large magical fairy houses big enough for small groups of children.

We are also just completing a series of Australian bird and mammal saddled creatures, including emu, koala, kangaroo, echidna wombat and sea-lion which will be a great addition to children’s play areas.

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