Australia Props Event for Hire

Want themed props for an event, or a unique sculpture for a launch or display?

Why not HIRE instead of buy! We have a variety of Prop for Hire to choose from! You can hire as many of the items we have in stock at our studio in Highvale, Brisbane.

The cost depends on what you need, when, where, and for how long.

If you would like to visit Natureworks on the north side of Brisbane to see what is available, kindly give us a call for an appointment. This will enable our staff to have the relevant items ready for viewing.

Most of our sculpture catalogue items are kept in stock. We recommend you consider the pros and cons of hiring props, as sometimes it is cheaper to purchase the item outright for future events than to hire.  The delivery service requires many hours of invested time and the use of ratchets and cushions, blankets, and sometimes long and high vehicles to ensure your sculptures arrive safely.