Creative design process Natureworks

Our Creative Design Process

Step 1. The Briefing

First, we listen to your needs and identify your objectives. Your goals and vision, together with other project requirements, helps us establish exactly what is involved in developing and creating a project proposal.

Our many years of experience gives us an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t, so we’ll often throw in ideas at this early stage, to help ensure the success of your project

Step 2. Initial Design Concepts

Next, we generate a number of creative solutions and designs, using concept drawings to initiate conversations and questions about your expectations and requirements for the project. This helps clarify the brief and iron out any ambiguities, saving time and ensuring a more positive outcome.

The conceptualising process is a valuable specialist skill which usually has a cost associated due to the time/skill involved.

Step 3. Detailed Design and Prototyping

To show design details and exact specifications such as size and proportions, we create technical drawings using specialist software like Sketchup, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite and 3D modelling. We also use project management software for scheduling and tracking progress.

This stage will often include prototyping the concept as a scale model, to refine design details before items are constructed.

Step 4. Sculpting and Fabrication

Once the design is finalised, we fabricate it (usually in fibreglass), and create a steel substructure if needed. In our art studio and manufacturing workshop at Highvale (near Brisbane, Queensland Australia) we produce many of our sculptures and themed elements.

We are also geared to carry out major site construction work with artificial rockwork or other themed constructions that require substructure fabrication as well as fibreglass moulding.

Step 5. Finishing

Finishing touches like painting detailed features on sculptures are done by our skilled artisans. Other finishing processes include adding a 2pac finish (for better weather protection) and installing mounts or hooks.

Once your work is finished, we can provide delivery and installation.

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