Delivering a large sculpture

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation are available on request. Natureworks has a collection of various trailers and trucks to help service customers. If you prefer, you can arrange your own shipping.

Pick up from Natureworks premises

All orders are available for pick up from our showroom in Highvale near Brisbane at no charge. Please contact us before visiting, to make sure your items are ready.

Sculpture Delivery

We can deliver anywhere in Australia or internationally. Our arrangement with a commercial carrier means we can ship to most areas of Australia at reasonable rates. We are also happy to work with a carrier of your choice.

Truck delivering natureworks animalsNatureworks accept no responsibility for breakages occurring during transport, although all care will be taken to pack items securely. Insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser.


We are happy to work with a carrier of your choice and you can organise your own personal insurance with them direct. This sometimes can be of significant benefit to you, because you may wish to ring many different carriers to get competitive quotes. This can take a lot of time, but with backloading arrangements, the cost savings can sometimes be significant for the client.

As we have mentioned above – the onus is on the purchaser to organise your delivery arrangements. If the item is damaged in transit and you would like to return the product to Natureworks, we will often repair the item at minimal cost, but the return freight is at the purchaser’s cost. We can often supply a repair and or touch up paint kit with basic instructions, which is enough for our clients to undertake most repairs satisfactorily.

There are NO other arrangements that are viable for the company.

As the vast majority of our products do not conform to standard boxing methods, we need to assess your purchase list with regard to packing size and weight, prior to obtaining a delivery charge quote.  Please phone for these details if you wish to organise your own transport for your goods. 

Please ask about delivery costs when requesting a quote for products. For more info about the ordering process, see how to order and the guidance on our FAQs page.


Sculpture Installation

Professional installation is available for custom projects, if stated in the project agreement. We’ll discuss this with you when planning your custom design project. Many installations can be completed by clients using our installation instructions and fit-out kits. We regularly complete installations ourselves as required, just ask us!