reception area design

Themed retail, hotel & commercial fit-outs

Natureworks design, supply and install imaginative features to theme hotels, restaurants, shops, businesses and tourist attractions. We can replicate entire streetscapes, rainforests, caves or other replica environments, all detailed with distinctive characteristics that can transform visitors into another land.

Have a specific theme in mind? We can custom design and fabricate anything you can dream up! Alternatively, our enormous collection of wildlife animals, themed characters, rocks and trees can be adapted to suit your needs. 

We’ve designed items and settings for themes such as:

  • Pirates
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Storybook characters
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Dinosaurs & fossils
  • Food
  • Christmas
  • Or anything you can imagine!

If you are looking to install a special themed restaurant, hotel or shopfront we can help you with the design, manufacture and installation of your vision. Contact us today!

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