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Memorable mini-golf courses

Natureworks has designed, themed and constructed unique and entertaining mini-golf courses (also called adventure golf courses) from grand scale to small-scale courses to suit our client’s space and budget.

We service many industries such as golf resorts, shopping centres, holiday resorts, hotels and various tourist venues to attract visitors and keep adults and children entertained for hours. Mini-golf courses can provide an educational and interactive resource to bring awareness of the beauty of our wildlife and our natural world.

Mini-golf course design and build service

We can workshop your ideas and give advice on course design, suitability for the space and product choice. We design, fabricate, deliver and install.

Our enormous range of 3D animal sculptures will help make your space come alive with a trumpeting elephant or the roar of a lion! Props include dinosaurs, wildlife animals, artificial rocks and plants, Egyptian mummies, pirates and other custom character statue props. See our realistic prop collection.

Inspiration and ideas

Need inspiration for your mini-golf course? Take a look at our previous projects and product catalogues, or contact us to discuss a few ideas!

Mini-golf projects

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