Having a putt in the Brisbane mini golf course

Memorable mini-golf course design

Natureworks has designed and constructed unique and entertaining mini-golf courses (also called adventure golf courses or putt-putt) for over forty years. These projects vary wildly – from grand to small-scale courses, all around Australia, indoor and outdoor, with a wide range of themes. Our mini-golf theming projects range from dinosaurs and wild animals to fantasy pirate ships and outer space! 

Why build a mini-golf course?

Mini-golf courses have value for clients from many industries, such as golf and leisure centres, public parks, shopping centres, holiday resorts, hotels and tourist venues. They see a putt putt course as a great way to attract visitors and keep adults and children entertained for hours. These projects can also provide a fun way to earn an income or boost the local economy. 

Additionally, mini-golf courses can be a means of providing an educational and interactive resource – highlighting the beauty of the local area, encouraging creative play, or raising awareness of our natural world.

Our custom design and build service

To bring your vision for a mini-golf course to life, we can workshop your ideas and give advice on course design, suitability for the space, and product choice. We will do as much or as little as you need, from simply providing themed mini-golf props and fibreglass sculptures to designing, fabricating, delivering and installing the complete project.

Rest assured, Natureworks design each mini-golf course to suit our client’s needs. We’ll provide a plan and products that reflect your desired theme, available space, budget and timing. 

Our enormous range of 3D animal sculptures will help make your space come alive, for example with a trumpeting elephant or the roar of a lion! Props include dinosaurs, wildlife animals, artificial rocks and plants, Egyptian mummies, pirates and other custom character statue props. See our realistic prop collection

Planning a mini golf course? It pays to get good advice

Natureworks has an extensive product range and will advise on which props and sculptures would suit your mini-golf theme, budget. and specific space or location. We can customise props if needed, or design new ones just for you. With our team of sculptors, engineers and artisans, we are able to offer a custom manufacturing service from our Brisbane studio.

  • Prefabricated props and obstacles suitable for all levels of mini-golf play
  • Over 3,000 items to choose from, most of which can be adapted as course props, obstacles or decor
  • Items can be reinforced for climbing on and coated with UV varnish for outdoor use
  • Custom design service – onsite, or with items designed and pre-made to suit your space and specifications
  • The course can be 9 holes or 18 holes – or even 36 if you have space!
  • Indoor & outdoor options available
  • ‘Blacklight’ glow-in-the-dark experiences (for examples see Chillisaurus and Undersea Putt & Play)
  • Wall murals can bring a space alive and attract attention
  • Free initial consultation
  • Expert advice that can make your project a truly unique attraction and give you a good return on your investment 
  • Guidance on care and maintenance of fibreglass sculptures, to keep the course looking its best
  • We can provide an initial concept art service to help you visualise the space and assist with planning and funding applications.

You benefit from our theming project experience

After the initial consultation and discussion, we will help you plan each stage of the project. We always go far and beyond what is expected, and our team of creative artists are unique in their approach to conceptual themes that you will not find anywhere else. We usually manage to add a touch of humour and a healthy sprinkle of creative magic!

Natureworks are experts in themed exhibits and creating unique experiences, and our team is always looking for the next challenge. Our industry experts can make your project a success that the whole town will be talking about! A well designed mini-golf attraction will keep visitors coming back for more. If you’re happy, we are too! We love helping clients realise their vision.

Inspiration & ideas for mini-golf projects

Need inspiration for your mini-golf course? Take a look at our previous projects and product catalogues, or contact us to discuss a few ideas!

Mini-golf projects