Custom design services

Custom Design and Construction

Natureworks design and create unique solutions to help you achieve your vision. We provide custom statues as you envisioned, or even better than that! Our incredibly creative ideas are backed by practical experience.

We design and document ideas and concepts that are beyond the scope of many landscape architects, engineer architects or draftsmen. We are the best at designing and documenting complex fabrications because we have spent many years building the bizarre! Our project designs are based on an intricate knowledge of our own library of art.

The scope of works includes museum installations, public aquaria, retail fit-outs, interpretive and cultural centres, childcare playgrounds, miniature golf, dinosaur parks, fantasy worlds and beyond. You can read more about some of these custom design services below. If you would like highly original fibreglass sculptures for your next project, call us on 07 32897555


Amazing aquatic environments

Marine animal sculptures, artificial rocks, coral reefs and underwater habitats for aquariums, water-based playgrounds, theme parks and tourist attractions.

Humpback Whale Tail - Water Playground

Custom playgrounds & water park design

Exciting playgrounds for children to enjoy nature-based play. Water parks with giant animals, creatures that spurt water, and fun-filled water play features.

reception area design

Themed retail, hotel and commercial fit-outs

Natureworks design, supply and install imaginative features to theme hotels, restaurants, shops, businesses, entertainment venues and tourist attractions.

mini golf course

Memorable mini-golf courses

Unique mini-golf courses to attract visitors and keep them entertained, from small putt-putt attractions to adventure courses with artificial rocks, trees and animals.