Murrook Culture Centre entrance with aboriginal warrior statues

Magnificent aboriginal statues for Murrook Culture Centre

Indigenous sculptures celebrate Worimi culture

Natureworks is extremely proud to have created traditional aboriginal statues for Murrook Culture Centre in Williamtown NSW. The centre, managed by Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council, is a gathering place for the local indigenous community and provides a hub for First Nations cultural education. In particular, the centre celebrates and teaches Worimi culture, which represents the traditional owners of the land in this area.

To emphasise the local cultural heritage, the pair of sculptures we created now stand proudly at the entrance to the culture centre. The impressive 3-metre-high aboriginal statues portray a traditional Worimi couple and their child.

Affectionately nicknamed “Ned” by centre staff and visitors, the male statue is a warrior figure holding a weapon. His female partner holds an infant in a cradle. Both figures stand on a raised rock platform, all sculpted in fibreglass and meticulously finished. The sheer size of the statues, together with their position in the boldly designed centre facade, creates a strong impact.

Murrook Culture Centre Entrance with aboriginal statues
Murrook Culture Centre

Supporting cultural education

At the Murrook Culture Centre, aboriginal staff teach many facets of Worimi culture to school children, community groups, businesses and international visitors. With a beautiful lakeside location, the centre offers camping, events, workshops and authentic cultural packages. 

Cultural education ranges from learning about weapons and tools to didgeridoo music, art, dance, bush food, medicine, cooking, craft and artefacts. Supporting these efforts, the prominent aboriginal statues act as a bold visual reminder of Worimi cultural heritage.

"Our purpose is to gather, sustain, protect and teach Aboriginal Culture to all people, with an emphasis on Worimi culture being the land and people of this area.”

Photo gallery: Worimi family aboriginal statues

(All images remain the copyright of the creators: Natureworks and Murrook Culture Centre)

"Just a note to say how stunning the work is that you’ve done. Deepest thanks to you and all your team. I’m so so pleased with the result.”

Creating culturally authentic statues

Natureworks’ artists always research a subject thoroughly before creating custom sculptures. To get the details right for these aboriginal statues, we consulted with our client and sought reliable source images and information about the Worimi people. 

As a result, the male figure has culturally appropriate scarring on his chest, showing his warrior status. The female figure is clad in a traditional possum skin cloak, and her partner has a possum skin loincloth. The woman holds her infant in a cradle made of palm fronds. Although the statues are manufactured in fibreglass, our artisans simulate materials such as animal furs through creative textural sculpting and meticulous painting.

Photo gallery: Making the Worimi aboriginal statues

Scope of the project

For this custom sculpture project, Natureworks supplied the following:

  • Fibreglass sculpture of Male Worimi aboriginal warrior
  • Fibreglass sculpture of Female Worimi woman holding child in cradle
  • Artificial rock stand and mounting fixtures
  • Two-pack paint and clear UV finish for sculptures
  • Crating and delivery to Williamtown, NSW.

Project details

ClientMurrook Culture Centre (run by Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council)
ProjectAboriginal sculpture (Worimi warrior and family, larger than life size)
AudienceLocal indigenous community, school children, community groups, businesses, national and international tourists
Location2163 Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown, NSW 2318,
Australia (see map)
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Project case study

Reflecting cultural and natural heritage

Natureworks has always been keen to support educational projects, museums, cultural centres and community groups that promote awareness of cultural and natural heritage. Our realistic sculptures attract, inform and/or entertain visitors. In doing this, our work helps to support broader objectives such as cultural understanding, community cohesion and environmental conservation.

For example, we created a set of scientifically researched megafauna sculptures for Australian National Botanic Gardens, which educated visitors about how animals and plants co-existed in ancient times. The display also brought First Nations stories to life, with indigenous storytellers telling tales of giant creatures from aboriginal cultural history.

Need a themed display? Ask us!

To convey a specific theme, we can provide a wide range of themed props, such as cultural theming props and animal sculptures. Many of these are stock items, which keeps the cost down. If you want something a bit different, our custom design process will ensure a unique result.

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