Australian green tree frog slide custom manufacturing

Water playground slide – Australian Green Tree Frog

Friendly frog slippery slide for playground

  • Our Australian Green Tree Frog slide has been carefully created to celebrate “the friendliest frog in the world”.
  • Children enter the slide at the rear and climb over an internal rock scramble where they can easily negotiate the irregular footings and horizontal platform before enjoying the slide and splash at the bottom.
  • The raised sides have been constructed to prevent climbing onto the top of the frog’s head.
  • This fun and durable playground sculpture is ready for use. It’s the Ideal water play structure for caravan parks, water playgrounds, swimming pool centres or even fun-filled backyards.

Product design and construction

Designing the frog playground slide – concept art

Following the initial consultation, we produced a concept to help our customers visualise the completed water play sculpture. Many of the detailed design aspects may alter during the manufacturing stages if we feel that this is necessary to the overall durability, usability and construction of the sculpture. Our clients have the benefit of utilising many years of experience of highly skilled sculpture artists and engineers to complete the job to a professional standard.

We created a mould for the sculpture based on a detailed computer design, as shown in the images above. Because we now have a mould, future versions can be produced cost-effectively. We can manufacture these to individual clients’ needs and dimensions.  

Construction of the friendliest frog in the world!

  • Construction of the frog slide has been certified to the Australian Playground standards
  • The entire piece has been finished with smooth edges and is one complete piece, that requires no bolt-together construction
  • The finished design of the frog has been created with children in mind and the need to make it a fun and loving creature for all age groups
  • To help add to the fun and immersive experience, an internal sensor with a digitally encoded sound chip and speaker can be inserted into the roof of the sculpture that will activate the sound of the frog’s call on entry.
Photo gallery

Product finish

UV Stable – Colour impregnated gel-coat finish

  • Pre-pigmented gel-coat finish has been used internally and externally throughout the entire slide
  • The gel-coat finish provides one of the best mediums for use in water playgrounds due to its durability in form and longivity of colour.
  • This specialised technique is ideal for the harsh Australian climate and consistent playground use
  • The frog skin detail has been carefully replicated to enhance the realistic features such as the small irregular shaped white spots on its back
  • Large cute eyes have been painted with intricate realistic details and certainly adds to the overall beauty
  • The piece is anatomically accurate and was designed by David Joffe our principle museum professional

Durability of the sculpture

The lifespan of the Australian green tree frog on average is approximately 16 years, but this frog will last for many more years! It is looking forward to making children happy and being the showcase for many aquatic environments and playgrounds.

Fun Frog Facts

  • Green tree frogs are sometimes called the “smiling croaker”
  • The soft green skin of a green tree frog secretes compounds with antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • A group of frogs is called an “arm” – a group of toads is called a ‘Knot”
  • Frogs don’t drink water – they absorb it through their skin.
Project details
Client:Australian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd – The Big Banana Fun Park
Architect/Designer:Natureworks Designers
Project: Giant Australian Green Tree Frog – Waterslide
Target audience:Families at Caravan parks, Water playgrounds, Council playgrounds, Swimming pool centres
Location:351 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 (see map)
Date completed:2022
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Giant Green Tree frog
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Custom water play sculptures

Availability and ordering

  • Natureworks have created a mould for this beautiful and practical water playground AUSTRALIAN GREEN TREE FROG SLIDE and it is available to purchase directly from Natureworks Pty Ltd, the manufacturers.
  •  If you need to specify a particular product code to help with a tender or project, please quote product code ‘AUST GREEN TREE FROG SLIDE’
  • Please check directly with Natureworks via email or phone for up-to-date availability, as we would like to help our customers with their project’s timelines and with various delivery options.

If you are looking for a fun and safe water playground sculpture that is easy to install and deliver then this Australian Green Tree Frog Slide might be the answer!

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