Giant Mud Crab - Broadwater water park - gold coast

Water play at the Park – Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast QLD

Water play sea creatures come to life at Broadwater Parklands

Natureworks manufactured and installed a series of true to life local sea creatures with spurt and spray features. They now dot the shallow rapids water-park at the Broadwater Parklands on Gold Coast.

Collectively the sea life characters provide a functional, sturdy and attractive playground for thousands of children to adore all year round.

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Animals at the water playground

The playground items installed include:

  • The oversized mud crab stands centre stage for older aged children to climb upon and play with the streaming water jets spraying upwards to the sky.
  • The high detailed finish of the loggerhead turtle is a popular sit upon feature with a 6-metre spray jet extending from its mouth.
  • The cute finely dressed fur seal pup whose whiskers have become whisker-jets is a popular sit upon character that adds fun and warmth to the site.
  • The spotted eagle ray showcases its detailed and unique skin pattern adding a touch of class and natural sea-life wonder.
  • The brightly coloured octopus reveals its true to life underside suction cups, adding texture and depth to this finely detailed sculpture.
  • The dusky flathead is a life cast off a very large flathead that every fisherman dreams of catching and is nestled in the shade near the edge of the pool.

Nature-based play sculptures

These nature-based playground items showcase only a few pieces of Natureworks’  extensive library of highly detailed animal replicas. All sculptures have been specifically adapted so as to meet the Australian Playground Standards with anti-slip finishes and integrally coloured in polyester gel-coats, so as to ensure the longevity of the finishes and to allow safe play experiences.

If you need to create a stimulating, educational and vibrant public play space, get inspired by Naturework’s collection to create a fun and unique play space.

Project details

Client:Broadwater City Council
Location:Broadwater Parklands – Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215
Target audience:Local families with children, tourists
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Water play and playground ideas

Are you looking to create a water park? Or perhaps you need some educational water play components for your childcare facility? Choose from a large range of nature-based play components ready to be delivered to you. Yes, we can also create custom internal water spouts in most of our wildlife animals – just send an email and we will be happy to help get your project or tender underway.

With our incredible range of Safari Animals – water play, Amphibians – water slide and Giant Soldier Crab we can create a wide variety of natural habitats, playgrounds, and exhibits.

Please contact Natureworks to discuss custom projects.