Animal sculptures at Jimboomba Park

Rotary Park playground at Jimboomba

Natureworks recently completed the design and construction of a custom-designed organic seedpod cubby house and a series of native wildlife sculptures​ for the Rotary Park playground in Jimboomba, near Brisbane in QLD. The work was commissioned by Logan City Council.

The installation provides an enchanting play experience for kids of all ages. It reflects Natureworks’ ongoing mission to create a unique range of nature-based playground elements that enhance learning and nurture a love of natural history. We strongly believe in the value of nature based play!

The organic seedpod cubby house was inspired by the seedpod of the local Melaleuca tree, combined with imaginative artistic elements from nature. It was custom designed and manufactured in concrete, with an internal steel armature, and is sturdy enough to be climbed on. The cubby has internal organic fungi seating, and a little opening at the top for kids to sit and enjoy the view from a raised platform.

In addition to the cubby, Natureworks created a series of native wildlife animal sculptures to be placed around the park including a kookaburra, a koala and a platypus. These are just some of our playground theming props and sculptures, which include a wide range of animals, nature-based outdoor furniture, artificial rocks and trees, dinosaurs, fantasy creatures and much much more. See our playground theming products.

A nature-based playground lets children incorporate a natural element into their imaginative play, providing a connection with their environment. If you are after a play area to inspire and delight young people, Natureworks can design something for your indoor or outdoor play space. We provide a full custom design and construction service.

Interested? Please contact us to discuss ideas, or send us a custom project request.

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