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Riversleigh Interpretive Centre – Prehistoric exhibits

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    Started: 23 August 2019

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Custom Made – Giant Prehistoric Bas Relief

This unique bas relief has been handcrafted and designed to recapture a moment back in time, where a giant prehistoric bird is being attached by a land-dwelling giant crocodile.
This interpretive Rock Wall display has been displayed on the Riversleigh fossil centre near Mount Isa.

Natureworks has designed and built the entire rock structure, cave and the interpretive displays within the centre including the extinct megafauna animal exhibits, caves, and artificial trees. “it is considered one of the great wonders of the Palaeontological world” as quoted by David Attenborough.
Modern museum with fossil exhibits, dioramas & videos relating to prehistoric animals & plants

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Riversleigh Fossil Centre – Boodjamula Brochure


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