Riversleigh Interpretive D-Site Cave entry- Artificial Rock

Riversleigh world heritage fossil D site

Building the Riversleigh D-Site Shelter – North Queensland – Australia

In approximately 2002 the Oligocene fossil site at Riversleigh, 350 km NW of Mt Isa was declared a World Heritage Site. To celebrate one of the most famous specific sites, being D-Site, Dr Michael Archer representing the world heritage committee asked David Joffe, an ex-QLD Museum preparator and his team from Natureworks Pty Ltd to design and build an interpretive shelter on this remote site. The aim was to bring back to life two of the most significant creatures of this unique region – a giant terrestrial crocodile and a giant flightless bird.


Building the rock cave sculpture under difficult circumstances!

Over a three-month period, a three-man team from Natureworks camped on-site and undertook the construction of a large rock cave. The cave was designed to house a prefabricated 3D reconstruction in bas relief, bringing back to life a moment in time 20 million years ago when this giant crocodile may have attacked the giant bird. 

The site itself was only accessible during the dry season. There were no shops within 350 km. All materials were brought in along with generators, tools, sand, steel, cement, and all supplies.  A composting toilet was installed for the touring public as part of the interpretive shelter – which itself appeared to be a breakaway giant boulder of limestone which had rolled down from the surrounding escarpment.

This man-made boulder/building was fabricated in steel, sand and cement and sculpted to appear to be one of the remnant fossil boulders. The logistics of building a structure this complex in such a hot remote region tested the company to its limits.

Future on-site work

Natureworks has been asked to revisit the site in May 2022 to undertake further modifications to the structure for QLD National Parks and Wildlife Service. The site is still as remote now as it was when we first worked there.

Custom made giant prehistoric bas relief

Natureworks handcrafted a unique bas relief of a giant prehistoric bird being attached by a land-dwelling giant crocodile.

This interpretive rock wall display has been displayed at the Riversleigh fossil centre 390km NW of Mount Isa.

A smaller bronze plaque was inspired by the artist “Dunphy” depicting a megafauna swamp scene. This was also created at the Natureworks site and shipped to the D-Site for installation. It was also morphed into the internal cave walls of the man-made concrete limestone structure

Project details

Client:Qld National Parks & Wildlife and World Heritage Centre
Location:Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil D site – Lawn Hill gorge
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