Prehistoric Mini Golf Course Glow Golf

Prehistoric glow mini-golf course

Themed mini-golf course with amazing glow in the dark dinosaurs

Natureworks provided dinosaurs, murals and prehistoric props for the spectacular ‘Chillisaurus’ 18 hole indoor mini-golf course at Merriwa in Western Australia. With enormous glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs and cool music, it’s an exciting place for little (and big) kids! You can see images of people enjoying the experience in the Chillisaurus photo gallery.


Project details

Client:Chillisaurus Mini Golf
Location:Hughie Edwards Dr, Merriwa WA 6030 (see map)
Date completed:2018
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Mini golf props, murals, course design and installation

Looking for creatively themed props to revitalise an old mini-golf course? Or maybe you have a space you’d like to turn into a business opportunity? In that case, a prehistoric themed putt-putt course may be just the thing. As you can see from the gallery images, a colourful glowing dinosaur is quite a spectacle!

A themed mini-golf course is a great way to attract visitors, young or old. The more creative it is, the better. Why? Because an interesting design creates highly shareable photo opportunities – ideal for social media!

Natureworks can design and install a custom mini-golf course to suit a range of themes. A prehistoric themed course includes a variety of dinosaurs, fossils and prehistoric animals. However, you can choose other themes, such as nature, space, pirates, marine life or other topics. We have a wide range of existing props and sculptures that we can adapt for mini-golf, and we can also create new ones. 

Create your themed putt-putt course

  • Choose your theme – nature, marine life, safari, Australiana, Halloween, storybooks – you name it, we can theme it!
  • Select from our enormous range of ready-made stock props and sculptures that can be used as is (or adapted to add holes, etc)
  • We can design and build unique custom sculptures to suit your theme
  • Our artists can paint nural art backdrops to suit the subject matter and location
  • Your course can have 9 holes, 18 holes or 36 holes, depending on the space available
  • All sculptures can be custom painted in ultraviolet paint for night or darkened room mini-golf option
  • Many of our sculptures can be reinforced with steel armatures
  • All sculptures can be finished with a UV stable 2pac finish for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a specially themed mini-golf course, contact Natureworks.

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