Prehistoric Glow Mini-Golf

Prehistoric Mini Golf Courses and Props

Natureworks 9 holes, 18 holes and 36 hole course designs and installation

  1. Mural art backdrops can be custom designed to suit your chosen theme.
  2. Unique custom themed sculptures can be designed and manufactured to suit.
  3. Select from our enormous range of ready-made inventory products
  4. All sculptures can be custom painted in ultraviolet paint for night mini golf option
  5. Many of our sculptures can be reinforced with steel armatures
  6. All Sculptures can be finished with a U.V stable 2pac finish for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a specially themed mini-golf course – Natureworks can help.

Maybe you are looking to upgrade an existing mini-golf course and would like to inspire and entertain your customers and have them returning and sharing photos with their friends.

We have over 3,000 props/sculptures to choose from, with a large varied range of themes:- from prehistoric to cryptozoology.

Take a look at the previous Putt-Putt/ Mini-Golf courses we have designed, themed and installed.


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