Polar Bear Shores – Gold Coast

Polar Bear Shores – Sea World Resort

Polar Bear Shores – Sea World Resort – Gold Coast QLD

“An Arctic Summer” became the theme around which Natureworks developed the habitat of Polar Bear Shores for Sea World on the Gold Coast.

 The challenge was to build an enclosure of such perceived excellence, that the public would forget about the frozen cold of the Arctic where bears are most happy and be thrilled into thinking “aren’t the bears lucky to be living here”.
It is such a beautifully decorated habitat! All the rockwork was built out of glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC) panels taken from moulds of appropriate rock faces.
The exhibit is full of toys and occupational pursuits to enriching the bears “working day” and keeping them entertained, with waterfalls, tree trunks, and swimming pool which can be seen from viewing platform underneath., The artificial rock provide a playground for the bears to climb and play and is aesthetically pleasing to the visitors eye. It really is worth a visit.