Luna park

Luna Park entrance sculpture

Sydney’s most famous face gets a facelift!

When Sydney’s Luna Park wanted a facelift (literally), they called Natureworks to give their entrance sculpture a new lease of life. The original had been built with deteriorating old fashioned material that had failed the test of time. 

We faithfully reproduced the personality of the original entry statement, using robust materials built to last a hundred years. Nearly 30 years on the face is still young at heart, beaming at visitors and showing no wrinkles!

The process

Here’s an overview of how the new entrance sculpture was designed and created:

  • Step 1. Create a scale model of the whole piece, for approval by the client before the next stage.
  • Step 2. Sculpt the (over 8m high) face in polystyrene. This was done vertically to match how it would be displayed.
  • Step 3. Create a heavy duty fibreglass shell over the sculpture; removing the polystyrene and applying colour/texture
  • Step 4 . Ship the new face on a barge across Sydney Harbour, as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the re-opening of the park after years of closure.
  • Step 5. Crane the sculpture  into position and instal it on site in place of the old sculpture.
  • Step 6. Attach the eyelashes, teeth, side pillars and other finishing touches. Sit back and admire the work!

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Project details
Client:Luna Park Sydney
Location:Sydney, Australia
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