Creating natural magic - Quality life size Sculptures

Big Things Around Australia, a collection of larger than life size sculpturesHunter Valley Gardens - Story Book Characters and Giant Book Entry arch.Natureworks has 40 years’ experience in the theming industry and has created many of original designs and masters of many of the world's wildlife art sculpturesNatureworks - Designs and engineers the largest tree in the world

Limestone Caves – New Zealand Pavilion Expo 88

Natureworks contribution to the outstanding successful EXPO 88 in Brisbane, included the refreshing rainforest displays in the Queensland pavilion (which won the prize of the Best Pavilion), the imposing rock features of the well-patronised New Zealand pavilion and the edgings, waterfalls and rock features of the Pacific Lagoon area. These constructed natural environments of the unsurpassed realism proved to be overwhelmingly popular.


Custom Painted Limestone Caves by Natureworks


Custom Painted Limestone Caves by Natureworks- Expo 88 New Zealand exhibition replicating natural environments has proved to be overwhelmingly popular.

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