Jungle themed play area

Jungle Adventure Play Tingalpa

Realistic caves, rocks, trees and signage

The large Jungle Adventure Play centre at Tingalpa in Brisbane attracts families wanting to keep children entertained and active. The centre wanted to enhance the experience while educating children about what a jungle is like. This natural history aspect is why Natureworks was proud to work on the project.

To integrate play structures with the jungle theme, Natureworks created an external rock entry cave, tree, signage and rock seats.

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Jungle themed design

Natureworks were commissioned to design, manufacture and install the following items:

  • Rock cave entry: a realistic entry cave made of artificial rock to enhance the existing structure of the outdoor façade. This incorporated 70 sqm of artificial rock work with internal steel armature.
  • Artificial tree: a sturdy balanced tree trunk with a large canopy that fits into the specified area, so staff can stand underneath with the canopy as an overhang/backdrop.
  • Faux rock seats: custom designed artificial rock seats to enhance the jungle theme feel. These were scattered throughout the centre. Three different size seats were created with realistic rock finishes as heavy duty items ideal for climbing and sitting on. Note: these seats are now available for purchase as sets or individual items. 
  • Zone signage: Seven different zone signs. To reduce the cost of signage, we adapted our stock totem pole products and custom designed signage for each zone name. These wayfinding signs were finished in a weathered timber look to further continue the jungle theme and help visitors identify each zone. The zones are:
    • Tribal Climb
    • Junior Ninja
    • Jungle Time – archway 
    • Gorilla Warrior
    • The Jungle Jump
    • Cubs Junior Play
    • Free standing totems

Project features

  • Natureworks adapted designs to fit the existing space and structure.
  • To help the customer manage their budget, we adapted designs and ideas to suit the purpose.
  • As the cave entry was not intended to climb upon, the structure did not need heavy duty internal steel armature.
  • We included some planter areas placed within the rockwork to soften the realistic natural landscape of the jungle theme.
  • Custom signage replicates the business logo, integrated into the rock at the cave entry.

Project details
Client:Jungle Adventure Play
Location:31 Proprietary St, Tingalpa Qld 4173 Australia
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Happy children, happy client!

We helped our clients turn a giant shed into a lucrative and fun business that is booked out for months in advance.

Our clients were really happy with the finished result and the Jungle Adventure play centre is thriving. They have now requested some inspiration for building a mini-golf course.

With our incredible range of animal sculptures, artificial trees and artificial rocks we can create all sorts of fun interactive play areas from any sort of space or building. Why not turn your empty space into a profitable play area?

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