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Ipswich Environmental Centre

Beautiful natural habitats and murals

For the Ipswich Queens Park Environmental Education Centre, Natureworks created accurate representations of four main habitats of the Ipswich local area – Eucalypt, Sclerophyll, Bloodwoods and Tea tree – complete with wildlife common to these habitats.

Using museum techniques, the team combined artificial trees, rocks, foliage and highly realistic wildlife sculptures to recreate the natural environment. Colourful murals and sound-activated speakers completed the effect, merging 2D and 3D art for a memorable experience.

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About the habitats

  • Blue Gum forests: these forests tend towards drying out, with mixed understory plants, dry grasses and leaf litter. The trees were dressed out using artificial foliage suggestive of the species and the foreground was a mix of real rocks, artificial rocks, and dry and green artificial foliage.
  • She Oak: wet sclerophyll section, similar in construction to the Blue Gum area but with a greater concentration of greenery typical of light rainforests. The Brush Turkey mound was mounded to shape and amassed with leaf litter.
  • Bloodwood forest: a much more heavily wooded area including the native grass tree and cycads. More logs and rocks were introduced in this section
  • Wetland Tea Tree swamp: a continuation of the reeds in the mural extended forward into the 3D foreground with rocks forming the border. The paper bark (Tea Tree) was unique in so much as the texture was achieved with the use of real paper bark preserved and fixed to replicate a real trunk.

Additional features

  • Sound activation buttons and speakers were added to create a more immersive environment
  • Wildlife sculptures included within the habitats include: spotted quoll, koala, lace monitor, possum, echidna, platypus, frog, cockatoo
  • The habitats were fixed into a cement substrate to reduce the risk of unauthorised removal.

Project details
Client:Ipswich City Council
Location:Queens Park, Ipswich, QLD Australia
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