Hunter Valley Gardens Story Book Character Sculptures

Hunter Valley Gardens – Storybook Character Sculptures

Book sculpture - who unlocks nature's hidden secret

Hunter Valley Gardens – N.S.W – Custom Themed Garden Statues and Mural Art

Hunter Valley Gardens – Story Book Characters and Giant Book Entry arch.
Natureworks completed many entry statements, statues and displays throughout the Hunter Valley Gardens.

This selection showcases various 3D sculpts that helped keep the customers entertained through their walk in the gardens. They are a reminder of the various traditional nursery rhymes of yesteryear.

There are eight kilometres of walking paths winding through the paths, with a wide selection of trees, plants, waterfalls, statues, murals.

Natureworks has created many custom nursery rhyme statues, characters and murals within the storybook garden. They have delighted children and adults for many years as they are taken on a journey to visit their childhood memories of larger-than-life nursery rhyme characters at every corner.

The detailed giant books and entry arch set the scene of fun and intrigue, as Humpty Dumpty is ready to fall off his wall, and jack and jill have already fallen down the hill, as Alice is in Wonderland having a tea party with the Mad hatter and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.  Little Bo Peep is trying to find her sheep, as the cat plays the fiddle and the dish runs away with the spoon, the little dog is laughing on the ground, and wee willy winky finally falls asleep in his garden bed after a night of running through the town.

This garden is a true delight to visit and walk around and be entertained by the wonder of the statues and detailed mural art.

If you would like your very own storybook garden or maybe an entire mini-golf course themed with your favourite storybook characters.

Take a look through our catalogues you might find a fantasy or nature-based theme such as a Safari, or farmyard that will help entertain the children.


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