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Gumbuya Wildlife Park Critter Cave

A cool artificial rock cave custom-built for creepy crawlies!

Gumbuya World in the Gippsland region of Victoria is a unique theme park experience. It combines a fun-filled water park with fun-fair rides, adventure trails and a wildlife park. Within the wildlife park, a number of reptiles and insects live in a dark, climate-controlled “Critter Cave”. This artificial rock cave provides an exciting way for visitors to see the creatures in a simulated natural habitat.

Our job was to design and construct the Critter Cave, including diorama displays for a range of creatures. In doing this, we created over 700 square metres of artificial rockwork. We designed the cave to support the requirements and care of specific animals. These include reptiles such as carpet pythons, tree frogs, bearded dragon lizard, monitor lizard, geckos. There are also some large insects like leaf insects and giant stick insects.

As well as designing custom rockwork, we can draw from our amazing collection of artificial trees, rocks and animal sculptures to enhance nature-based exhibits. Outside the Critter Cave, a larger than life Thorny Devil lizard sculpture draws attention to the cave. Our museum quality animal sculptures add an extra touch of realism to any nature themed display.

Photo gallery

A quick guide to the Gumbuya World wildlife trail, which includes the critter cave

Design features

  • Artificial rock cave structure – over 700 square metres of rockwork!
  • Habitats custom built to meet specific animal husbandry requirements
  • Rockwork reflects the local environment, replicating typical Gippsland region rock formations

Project details
Client:Gumbuya World – Wildlife Park
Location:2705 Princes Highway, Tynong, Victoria 3813
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Creating practical, well designed natural habitats

With our incredible range of artificial trees and artificial rocks we can custom design highly realistic wildlife habitats to suit the needs of animals, keepers and visitors. We are highly experienced in this area, and have been creating natural magic for over 40 years!

Please contact Natureworks to discuss custom projects.