Currumbin Sanctuary Entry Statement Feature image

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Gold Coast Queensland

Natureworks has provided Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with numerous custom sculptural features that are displayed throughout the park.
Try and spot the following items when you go for a visit:-

  • Wild Island Entry Statment – includes Artificial rock entry with a Giant Crocodile, Thylacine, Komodo Dragon, Wedged Tail Eagle in flight, Giant python snake on a tree stump
  • Underground Viewing Burrows – 40 metres of caves to allow visitors to get up close and personal with viewing transparent viewing bubbles to discover animals in their natural habitat that dig and burrow
  • Giant Golden Orb Weaving Spider & climbing Net – for Playground
  • A spotted Quoll on a tree branch – In the playground
  • Cassowaries in the Garden
  • Fossil digs in the sandpits
  • Rock climbing Walls for the Playground
  • Artificial Trees – For Creatures of the Dark Forest
  • Large Artificial Rock Cave -(Displayed on the front page of the old Telphone Directory book)
  • Many artificial trees and rocks throughout the park and walkways.
  • Stepping Stones with indigenous Australian animals engraved into the concrete steps

Many more items are recently being chosen to entertain and delight the visitors.