Chameleon Lounge Bar 3D sign

Chameleon 3D sign for Gold Coast bar

A unique, colourful 3D sign for an exciting new venue

In 2021, Natureworks created a 3D sign sculpture for a colourful new bar at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. The 3D sign not only promotes the venue, it reflects the bar’s name and ethos. The Chameleon Lounge Bar describes itself as “a Hetero Friendly LGBTQIA+ Lounge Bar located in Broadbeach providing a safe space for everyone in the community to come together and enjoy a drink and a show.”

Rather than a simple painted sign, we created a 3D sculpture of a 2.5-metre long chameleon atop a log. The bar’s name is lit by LED lights that change colour – just like a chameleon!

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Project design and construction

Designing the 3D sculpture

Designing the concept for a sculpture like this is always the fun bit! It’s when we can let our imagination run loose, and create a custom piece that helps our clients’ business really stand out from the crowd. As for any custom project, we first talked to the client to confirm the project requirements and get a feel for what would suit their needs. Next, our artists created visual mock-ups for the client to review and approve before construction started.

Main design features

  • multicoloured chameleon sculpture (2.5 metres long)
  • created as a rounded relief sculpture, to sit against a wall
  • made of fibreglass, painted in bright colours
  • the lizard is mounted on a flat log-effect board
  • the name of the venue is cut right through the board, with text illuminated at the rear
  • multicoloured LEDs change colour gradually, like the revolving colours of a chameleon
  • the brightly coloured chameleon and changing lights reflect the LGBTQIA rainbow vibe and embrace the diversity of the bar

Sculpting the lizard and making the 3D sign

After the design was approved, our sculptors carved the lizard shape in 100mm thick Styrene. We then epoxy coated this with fine gritty sand and added sculpting crete, so our artists could create the fine detail of textured scales. Once this was done, we could mould the body of the chameleon using latex and plaster, adding a fibreglass jacket.

The artificial log sign was also made of fibreglass. We cut letters into the log-effect mould to match the bar’s branding, and backed the sign with opal acrylic sheet. Behind this, we placed 12V LED modules to glow through the letters. We supplied a controller with remote to make it easy to use.

Project details
Client:Chameleon Lounge Bar
Project: 3D sign
Target audience:LGBTQIA and Hetero visitors to the bar
Location:1/17-19 Albert Avenue, Broadbeach Queensland 4218, Australia (see map)
Date completed:September 2021
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Looking for a unique 3D sign or sculpture to promote your business?

Natureworks can design and fabricate custom 3D signage for your business. But why would you want a 3D sign? Because 3D signs draw attention and have much more of an impact than painted or printed signs. By the way, we can also add signage to many themed props and animal sculptures in our range. Following this approach can be a cost effective way to get a unique sign for your premises without needing a fully custom design.

Please see more of our project case studies or Contact Natureworks to see how we can help!

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