Tree in the reception area

Bonsai Tree Foyer Display

Natureworks has created and installed a beautiful artificial bonsai tree for the Aria group reception foyer in West End, Brisbane.

This custom hand-crafted Bonsai Pine Tree stands at 3.5 metres high with an aged-looking trunk, branches and exposed roots. It is designed with a feng shui balance to draw life and energies into a room and share this with all those who pass through.

This central focused foyer setting is a great conversation piece that captures the juxtaposition of the natural and unnatural structural form. This ancient Japanese style tree is traditionally handed down from one generation to another as a valued family possession.

The tree was built with an internal aluminium frame on a steel base plate. The trunk and branches were fabricated in fibreglass, and finished with appropriate synthetic foliage to complete the natural look.

Project details

Client:Aria Property Group
Project: Artificial Bonsai Pine Tree
Target audience:Company clients and visitors to the building
Location:South Brisbane, Qld
Date completed:2022
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Enhancing interior spaces

Realistically modelled artificial trees bring a sense of calm and serenity to internal spaces, without the need to water, trim or manage them. They also make a memorable impression on visitors!

Natureworks can create custom-designed, accurately reconstructed trees that reflect your local environment, or you can choose from our Artificial Trees & Plants catalogue. Our highly realistic artificial trees are ideal for an office entry foyer, shopping centre, library, child’s play area or other interior space. Contact us to discover how we can help you bring some natural magic into your space!