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The Stockland shopping centre “Funland” in Wendouree , Ballarat commissioned Natureworks to develop an educational dry creekbed play area. This natural habitat is a great example of how we introduce children and the local community to understanding and appreciating our local habitats. Children start to ask questions about each animal and the environment around them. Many children may not have the chance to experience nature and the wonders within. Let them explore the natural elements so they too can respect their future.

Another educational natural history project that replicates the local flora and fauna of Ballarat and surrounding areas. This is an ideal play area for families wanting to entertain and take a break from shopping at the local Stockland shopping centre in Wendouree.

Look out for the creatures that may live in a dry creek bed such as fish, frogs, turtles, and you might even see our little platypus on a rock. The mural backdrop showcases beautiful black swans swimming in a local pond helps bring the outside in and replicas a local habitat environment. The artificial eucalyptus trees are home to many animals such as cute koalas, possums and kookaburras. These animals enjoy watching the children play below.

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Playground design

Natureworks was commissioned to design, manufacture and install the following items:

  • Dry creek/river bed: A realistic dry creek bed to help replicate the local waterways. We added various little creatures to enhance the children’s experience. This was custom designed in pre-pigmented fibreglass backed with heavy-duty polyurethane foam with accurate holes left to insert tree log steppers/climbers. Smooth gravel stones with little frogs, crawfish, turtle castings were morphed into the fibreglass pebble base with no sharp protrusions to provide an uneven but safe base for kids to crawl over. The “wet” look finish helps the creek bed morph into the mural backdrop.
  • Artificial Eucalyptus trees: A set of 3 artificial trees with foliage. – The trunk diameters were approximately 175mm at their base and rise to 2.5 metres before branching into a 3 metre wide canopy of gum leaf, gum nuts and gum blossom. Each tree was fully stabilised at its base by insertion of the base of the hardwood trunk into a 180mm diameter circular steel pipe welded onto a steel baseplate which is bolted onto a concrete slab with 4 x 12mm dyna bolts – 125mm long.
  • Animals statues: Various animals were added to the play area to help enhance the realism of the setting.
    • Koala in tree fork – 090051 – Life-size
    • Ring-tailed possum – 090036 – Life-size
    • Platypus on rock – Small – 100113 – Life-size
    • 2 x Black swan sitting – 100070
  • Mural Art: Custom designed mural art backdrop feature wall that represents the local lake Wendouree full of waterbirds and flora elements. Designed with frame and a whole cut to incorporate interactive circular play toy.
  • Make to size to fit with existing space.
    • Mural is 1 metre high approximately x 5 metres long
    • Aluminium panel for lightweight and durable use
    • Painted mural incorporating kangaroo, turtles, swans, various bird species and flora glasses and trees

Project features

  • Natureworks adapted designs to fit the existing space and structure.
  • To help the customer manage their budget, we adapted designs and ideas to suit the purpose.
  • The tactile material incorporated into the design is ideal for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is considered an ideal calming sensory environment and can be used as a retreat away from the busy shopping centre.
  • Inclusive playspace that allows children to play and discover together including those with physical disabilities, vision and hearing impairments.
  • Custom trees made to size and budget, with additial textures and details
Project details
Client:Stockland Shopping Centre
Location:Wendouree, Ballarat Victoria Australia
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Happy shoppers!

With our incredible range of animal sculptures, artificial trees and artificial rocks we can create all sorts of fun interactive play areas from any sort of space or building. Why not turn your empty space into a profitable play area?

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