Pirate treasure Dig - X marks the spot

Custom designed playground Pirate dig

This unique pirate fossil dig is ideal for children to get involved and uncover treasure from the sunken pirates loot that has been lost at sea.

A wide range of artefacts will help keep children entertained and wanting to discover some unusual pirate artefacts.

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X marks the spot pirate-themed treasure dig.

Natureworks recently completed the ultimate pirate’s treasure dig which has “fossilised” a vast collection of pirate paraphernalia into a sunken matrix of consolidated pirate feature elements within 5 separate adjoining fibreglass modules. The stone cross is the centre of the dig remains above the surrounding ground level. It is raised up about 45cm above ground level and features a very cute pirate parrot who is spilling the beans that has found the treasure!


  • It is designed to complement pirate playgrounds
  • The overall combination of the 5 separate sections enables the use of smaller pirate digs to be incorporated into smaller spaces if required.
  • Any combination of 2,3,4 and 6 is possible. The fibreglass piece can also be connected to a vertical wall so as to provide a very visual pirate storyline, whereas the dig will generally be always partially covered with sand.
  • Children use bannister brushes to discover the spectacular collection of Natureworks Pirate treasure décor collected over David’s lifetime of hoarding the bizarre.
  • The overall feature is 3.0 metres long and 2.5 metres wide and includes:-
  • X marks the spot

These treasures include

Dig 1 –

  • The pirate skeleton sill swigging on his bottle of rum
  • His pet monkey and crow skeleton still swigging on their mini bottles
  • A giant silver scarab beetle
  • Mini Treasure chest, pistol and quartz crystals
  • Shrunken skull heads, sand dollars, his pirate hook hand
  • Pieces of eight, silver seahorse and Aladdin’s lamp

Dig 2

  • Ships cannon and cannonballs, treasure chest keys, clamshell, with pearls and gold doubloon, paua shells, golden octopus and skull and crossbones goblets, pirates’ dagger, bronze buddha skull, silver seahorse and goblet of precious gems.

Dig 3

  • Ships anchor, ringlet of gold skulls, mast section of timber, spare leg and hip bone, triple pulley, chains and cutlass, treasure, chest keys, golden wine goblets, giant cut diamonds and pieces of eight.

Dig 4

  • The main treasure chest full of pearls, ingots and pieces of 8 gold chain, doubloons, sword, starfish, turtle shell, ships lantern, quartz crystals, bronze starfish and sea horses, pirates pistol, old locks, giant fossil great white shark tooth, tobacco tin, deceased parrot/macaw.

X-Marks the Spot – Central Unit

  • This central feature houses the pirate’s pet parrot, waiting for his master to return.
  • The pole perch hoist the pirate flag and the sand mound is crossed by 4 bias of rock marking the spot where one should dig marked with a large red cross. A bat skeleton and the skeleton of a pirate hand reaches up out of the sand.

This comical dig is a classic caricature of a pirate’s obsession with treasure and gold. Children must actively sweep away the sand to progressively discover the HIDDEN TREASURE.

This combo/jigsaw type unit is best positioned under a canopy of shade.

It comes with simple bolt connectors which consolidate the separate sections into one large immovable sculpture. Drain holes prevent a build-up of wet sand in a low lying area. 10mm perimeter holes are used to peg the edges into the surrounding earth. Timber retaining walls can be used to confine the sand within the immediate dig areas.

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 300 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H)


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