Pteranodon Family in Tree Nest

Pteranodon Family in Tree Nest – 6m wingspan

This Pteranodon Tree Nest commands attention it deserves and let it become a symbol of discovery, education, and joy for visitors to remember. A spectacular centrepiece in a dinosaur themed tourist attraction.

Are you a die-hard Jurassic Park fan who cannot get enough of the prehistoric world? Introducing our spectacular Standing Pteranodon Sculpture, this sculpture will be the highlight of any dinosaur enthusiast’s collection. With its 8m wingspan and over 154 cm height, this statue commands attention like no other artwork and is bound to turn heads wherever it stands. Can you imagine having one right in your backyard or local park? This work of art does not only pay homage to your favourite film but will serve as an incredible conversation starter wherever displayed.

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Pteranodon Family in Tree Nest – 6m Wingspan

This custom designed Pteranodon family in tree nest would be an addition to many tourist attractions.

  • Theme Parks:- Imagine the wonder and excitement as children and visitors gaze up at a towering tree nest, home to a loving Pteranodon family. Carefully placed high above to protect these majestic creatures, the nest serves as a marker, guiding adventurers on their journey.
  • Picture a sturdy, realistic tree base supporting a wide nest, cradling not only a magnificent adult Pteranodon with an impressive 6-metre wingspan but also adorable hatching baby Pteranodons and curious juveniles. This captivating scene will transport children, visitors, and explorers alike into a world where imagination meets reality.
  • Add your business name, an educational message, or a touch of fun to the front, creating a captivating display that sparks imagination and ignites curiosity. Let the Pteranodon Tree Nest become the centrepiece of your space, enchanting young minds and delighting visitors with its prehistoric charm


• Intricate true-to-life details

• Handcrafted with fibreglass

• Hand painted – Strong and sturdy

• 6m wingspan –

• Dimension: L 100 x W 600 x H 300cm -150kg approx

Suitable for:-

Museums, Science Centres, and Adventure Parks:-inspiring display with its realistic design, the sculpture is an ideal fit for educational institutions, where it can serve as a focal point for interactive exhibits, captivating visitors of all ages. with its lifelike depiction.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks:- showcase the sculpture as part of their dinosaur exhibits, bringing these ancient creatures to life and fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity among their visitors

Childcare Centres – Foster a sense of awe and curiosity. The sculpture serves as an interactive centrepiece, inspiring imaginative play, storytelling, and educational discussions about dinosaurs and the natural world.

Mini-Golf Course:- Pteranodon Tree Nest Sculpture! Towering above the greens. This eye-catching sculpture serves as a unique obstacle and adds a thrilling Jurassic twist to the mini-golf experience, delighting players of all ages. Get ready to tee off amidst ancient wonders.

Television & Film set prop:- The Pteranodon Tree Nest Sculpture is a true gem for set designers, providing a visually stunning centrepiece that enhances the production value and elevates the overall storytelling experience.

Paintball-themed prop:- Guests embark on a thrilling journey, surrounded by life-sized dinosaur replicas that transport them to a prehistoric world. Or gear up for an adrenaline-fueled Paintball Adventure, battling it out among epic dinosaur-themed obstacles



Weight73 kg
Dimensions755 x 264 x 154 cm (L x W x H)


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