Australotitan cooperensis Dinosaur 15m long

Australotitan cooperensis Adult Sauropod 15m long Dinosaur Statue

The Australian Titanosaur Statue is a wonderful piece of art, permanently placed in nature where it can be admired by all who love dinosaurs.

This amazing new statue is truly a piece of art that captures the excitement, fun and wonder of dinosaur discovery through the ages.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty fibreglass
  • Museum quality detailed, realistic paint finish
  • Impressive Australian Dinosaur reconstruction
  • Has been made in section – to allow easier handling
  • Installation details included
  • Refer to interal steel armature – helps with the strenght and durability of this amazing sculpture


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Australotitan cooperensis Adult sauropod 15m long Dinosaur

Natureworks sculptor artists have reproduced this ancient dinosaur perfectly.

  • Take a closer look at the detail in this prehistoric creature and you will start to notice that even down to the smallest scale
  • Natureworks has recreated a 15m version of what was one of the largest dinosaurs in Australia as part of our prehistoric collection.

If you are wanting to create an impact and photo friendly experiences- This amazing new sculpture is truely a piece of art that has palaeontologist, dinosaur lovers and all who see it stare with facination.

Fun Facts:

  • The origninal 30 m version was basketball court size
  • Australotitan dinosaur roamed across Australia nearly 100 million years ago
  • Long necked creature
  • Plant eating species
  • Nicked named “Cooper” after Cooper creek the site where it was found preserved in mud
  • Paleontologists, fossil preparators, geologists and volunteers spent 17 years on unearething the Australotitan as its Australian own unique species

Piecing all the evidence together –

  • A grand story all scientists, museums and tourists can get behind
  • Queensland Museum palaeontologist Scott Hocknull is excited about the future, and believes the Eromanga area is only just beginning to reveal its prehistoric secrets.
  • It was a painstaking task of comparing its bones to the bones of other species from Queensland and globally
  • The use of 3D technology to help analyse each of the bones helped in documenting this process
  • This is just one of the many dinosaurs identified in the past few decades in Australia.  Researchers say that Queensland is quickly establishing itself as the dinosaur capital of the nation.
  • All these finds help to piece together evidence that tells the changing sotry of Queensland hundres of millions of year in the making
  • The Australotitan dinosaur could have weighed up to 74 tonnes – or about nine African elephants – This is so enormous – Our scaled down version is easier to move around and still be impressive
  • The origninal find is keeping this GIANT DINOSAUR in the reagon where it was found – Eromanga area, a few hundred kilometres from Cameron Corner in Queensland’s south west.

Secure your piece of Australian archeological history now!

  • Fits into a 40ft container
  • Detailed realistic paint finish
  • Available in In standing pose
  • Suitable for use in mini-golf courses & dinosaur parks
  • Giant freestanding dinosaur
  • Heavy-duty fibreglass construction
  • Internal galvanised reinforced armature
  • 13.5m long x 5.7m High
  • Fits into a 20ft container
  • This is available as a knockdown piece- with removable head & Neck, legs & tail
  • Detailed realistic paint finish
  • Download product information below
  • An imposing and impressive sculpture for theme parks, zoos, and even mini-golf courses.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, Natureworks has created a wide range of sculptural offerings for zoos, aviaries, theme parks, botanical gardens, shopping malls, aquariums, playgrounds and museums across Australia.

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