Procoptodon Goliah 2.8m

Procoptodon goliah – 2.8high Australian Megafauna reproduction

Short-faced kangaroo – was one of the largest most heavily built kangaroos known.

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Procoptodon Goliah – 28m high – Giant Short-faced megafauna Kanagroo

This brand new custom designed Procoptodon goliah sculpture is a great addition to our Australian Megafauna collection. -It is shown here without the finished colouring and finer details – we were excited to bring it to you we couldn’t wait!

Imagine going for a walk and meeting this giant short-faced kangaroo!!!.  I certainly wouldn’t like to get into a boxing match with this large heavily built kangaroo.

Procoptodon goliah info

  • These giant kangaroos lived alongside modern species of kangaroos
  • Primarily lived on a diet of leaves from trees and shrubs.
  • Existed during the Pleistocene Epoch
  • Due to the large size of these animals, they would have probably walked not hopped
  • Procoptodon goliah is known from a variety of habitats, mainly semiarid areas of New South Wales and South Australia
  • but various complete skeletons were found in caves on the Nullarbor Plain has also been found in cave deposits on the Nullarbor Plain
  • Procoptodon would have had tiny, hairless young that developed to maturity in a pouch after birth
  • It is believed to have become extinct about 15,000 years ago

 Sculpture features

  • Museum-quality replica
  • stands 2.8m high and is heavily built kangaroo
  • Hand made and painted
  • Has an unusually short, flat face
  • has forwardly directed eyes (giving it a primitive like appearance)
  • Has a single large toe on each foot (normally has four)
  • the Procoptodon foot and heel were wider than other kangaroos
  • Each hand had two long clawed fingers – (probably used for lowering branches)
  • The height of Procoptodon goliah has often been estimated at about 3 metres

Display Suitability

This quality sculpture would be an ideal addition to:-

  • Any education museum display, diorama or exhibit.
  • Ideal for young and older palaeontologists to understand the height and structure of our prehistoric not too distant past.
  • Educational and entertaining family attractions
  • Natural wildlife displays
  • Australian native and Aboriginal cultural and interpretive displays
  • (Procoptodon goliah would have overlapped with Aboriginal people for as long as 30,000 years.  In New South Wales, Aboriginal people still recount stories of a large, long-armed, aggressive kangaroo that would attack people.
  • Read more from the Australian Museum website 


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Additional information

Dimensions 2.8 cm (L x W x H)

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