Thylacoleo walking - Free standing

Riversleigh Fossil Centre – Entry Statement

Thylacoleo Walking – shown here on a large rock plinth

Natureworks custom-designed this walking thylacoleo on rock plinth for Riversleigh Fossil and discovery centre – Mt Isa.

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Thylacoleo walking – Free Standing Sculpture

L 150cm x W 30cm x H 50cm – 35kg (approx) – free standing without rock base.

If you are interested in Natureworks custom designing a rock back for your purpose – just ask we are very experienced in artificial rock replicas.


Part of our unique Australian Megafauna Collection

Natureworks custom-designed this Thylacoleo walking which enhances our unique Megafauna collection.

Riversleigh Fossil and discovery centre – Mt Isa – Tourist centre – Go to the website – here

Riversleigh fossil and discovery centre was very happy with the finished display.

The custom rock plinth added height to the entry statement and provided a natural backdrop for visitors to have their photos taken on the foreground stone plinths.

This popular world heritage tourist destination reveals a wealth of information about Australia’s unique megafauna species and our custom sculptures help visitors conceptualise what they may have looked like 25 and 15 million years ago in tertiary times.


About Riversleigh Area

“Riversleigh is one of the great wonders of the paleontological world” – Sir David Attenborough

The world heritage ara was inscribed for its outstanding natural universal values. It is one of the most significant fossil deposits in the world and the richest known fossil mammal deposit in Australia. It has revealed records of Gondwanan life forms which existed prior to the break up of this ancient continent.


D Site – Riversleigh – (Natureworks custom-designed D-Site cave)

World Heritage site, Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park –   Go to the Riversleigh D-Site (parks) website – here

Facts about D-site

  • Was one of the first major fossil deposits found at Riversleigh and is the only publicly accessible part of this World Heritage area.
  • Its fossils are from the Late Oligocene period, dating back 25million years.
  • Riversleigh fossil deposits are among the richest and most extensive in the world, with some fossils dating back 25 million years.
  • These fossils have been superbly preserved in Limestone outcrops.
  • Riversleigh was once a lunch rainforest filled with lakes and waterways.
  • The concentration of calcium carbonate in the water has ensured that fossils have been extremely well preserved.
  • When the skeletons of dead animals came into contact with this water, the bones were quickly coated in limey mud
  • Later the bones were replaced with hard minerals from the limestone-rich water. Millions of years later, the fossilised bones have been exposed as a result of weathering by wind and water that dissolved and removed layers of surrounding soil and rock.

This evidence has provided enough information, so Natureworks can sculpt these megafauna animals into a true to life 3D reconstruction.

  • Animals fossils such as turtles
  • fish snails
  • crocodiles
  • lizards
  • pythons,
  • birds and many types of mammal fossils have all been recovered from the D-Site.


If you need help with bringing to life any palaeontological fossil finds – Natureworks will be able to help you build a museum-quality display.


Download our megafauna catalogue here

Natureworks Megafauna Life size Reconstructions Catalogue
Natureworks Megafauna Life-size Reconstructions

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 150 x 30 x 50 cm (L x W x H)

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