Thylacoleo Leaping on Rock Base

It’s not just a regular old sculpture – this amazing display of Thylacoleo helps build an educational and engaging story of Australian megafauna, with various displays that enhance your conceptualization about what our fossilized ancient animals would have looked like as well as how valuable any findings from their remains might be.

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Thylacoleo Leaping on Rock Base (Carnivorous Marsupial Lion)

Pouched predator

Natureworks’ custom-designed thylacoleo leaping on rock base is shown here at the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre in Mount Isa.

The full 3D sculpt display helps build a visual educational and engaging story of Australian megafauna.

The visitor’s experiences are enhanced with various displays that help conceptualise what our megafauna would have looked like and how valuable various fossil finds are to understanding our not too distant past.

The close up encounters with this thylacoleo help reveal the size and characteristics of various animals that roamed the Mt Isa area.

If you need help with bringing to life any palaeontological fossil finds – Natureworks will be able to help you build a museum-quality display.


Download our megafauna catalogue here

Natureworks Megafauna Life size Reconstructions Catalogue
Natureworks Megafauna Life-size Reconstructions


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  • Museum displays
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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 200 cm (L x W x H)

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