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Most of our replicas are crafted by our own artisans and available only from us. We are proud of the large number of objects that are designated with this symbol of exclusivity.

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Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary – Exhibit

Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary Exhibit

Philosophy behind Gondwana Project

Australia is the only country in the western world with its own rainforests. We should lead the world in educating the global community in the desperate need to conserve this dwindling resource. Gondwana rainforest Sanctuary was built to highlight the need to conserve planet Earth and the importance of rainforests in our survival. It became the conservation focal point for Brisbane

Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary was established for Australian wildlife in the South Bank Parklands, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Established at the site of the huge bird aviary, the sanctuary featured many species of Australian birds, marsupials and reptiles. The marsupials included Koalas, Wallabies, Brushtail possums and Ringtail possums. Featured reptiles included Australian lizards and snakes.

At the same time as the wildlife sanctuary, there was a Butterfly House, as well as canals and bridges and launches.

Gondwana Land

“The land masses of the world were once aggregated into a single super continent called Pangea. Eventually Pangea separated into two parts, Laurasia to the north and Gondwana to the south. Gondwana comprised South America, South Africa,Madagascar, Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand. Gondwana started to break up into

smaller continents about 180 million years ago. Fifty million years ago Australia broke away from Antarctica severing its last links with the other great lands of Gondwana.” The Greening of Gondwana. Mary E White.

Gondwana Sanctuary housed various venues:-

  • Subtropical & tropical Rainforest
  • Noctarium Habitat
  • Animal Care Centre
  • Creative Hands natural History Shop
  • Information Centre
  • The Moss Garden themed Restaurant/Kiosk
  • The Rainforest Theatrette
  • The Aboriginal Sculptural Elements
  • Riversleigh Prehistoric Rainforest Courtyard
  • Habitat Displays of Live and mounted Rainforest Animals.

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