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Most of our replicas are crafted by our own artisans and available only from us. We are proud of the large number of objects that are designated with this symbol of exclusivity.

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Giant Carpet Python - Playground sculpture

Giant Snake

Giant 3D Carpet Python Snake Sculpture

Cold-blooded Snakes consist of flexible backbones and dozens of pairs of ribs.

One of the worlds most feared animals on earth. – why are we scared of snakes? – Various species of snakes have their own characteristics.

Maybe the sheer size of snakes such as the boa constrictors and pythons have generated a deep fear of being slowly being crushed and squeezed to death. The snake’s ability to be swallowed whole due to the two halves of its upper and lower jaws that work independently of each other which allow the swallowing of prey whole at a size larger in diameter than the snake’s body.

Could it be the slithering movement and the scaled skin, or maybe it’s the fear of being attacked which seems like the speed of light by the fangs that are filled with poison from their salivary glands that can puncture and immobilize their prey?

These specialist functions are necessary to protect the snake from its enemies and are an effective way to capture their prey.

Love them or fear them, snakes form a key link in the food chain, They act as predators and as prey. They help maintain a healthy ecosystem and environment.

If you take time to appreciate the beauty of this animal you might see the unique colours and patterns be admired although from afar.

Snakes have been appreciated throughout history in various forms of ritual ceremonies, sculptures and folk law.

Natureworks has brought these to life in the form of 3D giant sculptures for use in playgrounds, and themed exhibits, mini-golf courses.

Take a look at our reptiles catalogue you will be amazed at how true to life they are due to the high detailed snakeskin, shape and beauty of these cold-blooded effective hunters.

Remember we can custom design and fabricate your particular species of snake to suit your requirements.

There are over 3,000 species of snakes worldwide, they exist on every continent except Antarctica and all have their unique characteristics and adaptive abilities and are a true legendary reptile.


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