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Pirate Props, Decor and Themed mini golf courses
Aaarrgghh – Ahoy, Me hearties!
Batten down the hatches there is a storm brewing.
We need all hands on deck, come and see all our new crewmates.
Natureworks has managed to create hundreds of quality pirate statues and themed décor items.
If you would like to buy some loot take a look at
Natureworks in Brisbane are experts in creating unique props for commercial and domestic use.
Our range of Pirate themed statues, furniture and décor items are continually growing with the demand for themed pirate /seaside mini-golf courses, special events, movie props and birthday parties.
Careful of the scallywags that will make you walk the plank or the old seadog that will fire a shot across the bow, they are all there waiting for you to say hello.
If you can not see what you would like we can make it for you.

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