Creating natural magic - Quality life size Sculptures

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Fantasy sculptures – Magical Themed Props
Magic does happen! In all shapes and form.
Open your heart, your mind and your glittering eyes you will open the possibilities of the magic around you.
Immerse yourself with the wonders and magic of Natureworks fantasy sculptures, they truly are works of art.
If you would like a fantasy-themed event or birthday or create a fantasy-themed mini-golf we have a large selection of unique themed props and statues for sale.
Fantasy dragons, fairies, angels, mythical creatures of unicorns and yowies, enchanted trees and cubby houses, storybook characters, natures gifts of giant mushrooms and fairy houses, enchanted sea mermaids and sea creatures are all available to help set the scene for your mystical adventure.
If you would like us to create something unique and extraordinary, we can help you.
Cryptozoological creatures and folklore have stirred many debates – are they really figments of our imagination? or rumours or do they really exist?
It doesn’t matter how wacky or unusual you would like your creature, we can have fun creating that special piece of magic for you, a friend or family member and these artefacts will also last for years and years.

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