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Egyptian Decor

Egyptian Artefacts, Sculptures & Decor
Natureworks collection of ancient Egyptian statues and sculptures have been carefully handcrafted and decorated with traditional markings and iconic emblems.
Our quality replicas are ideal décor items for interior decorators, visual merchandising and those that value the true history of the Egyptian culture.
If you are looking to buy that something special that captures the true essence of the ancient Egyptian traditions and artefacts, then we have a collection of life-size sculptures, larger than life-size sphinx and even a full-size slot together pyramid kit that is ideal as a remedial room for health professionals.
Natureworks famous Egyptian sculpture replicas of Anubis, Horus, Khnum, Thot all stand proud on plinths, whilst the cat goddesses and pharaohs hound display their symbolic enchanted presence and characteristics of the ancient and Egyptian culture.
Many statues have detailed embossed gold and silver leaf finishes, as does King Tutankhamen sarcophagus.
The detailed Egyptian Wall clocks, Ceremonial plaques and other indoor décor are all for sale in our unique collection.

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