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Playgrounds, Schools & Childcare

Playgrounds inspired by Nature
Turn your children onto the magic of the natural world! Let your imagination run wild and explore our nature-inspired play equipment.
We are constantly creating child-friendly climbing structures, water play features, natural creek beds, and fantasy elements that will stimulate all the senses and enhance your play space, childcare centre, shopping centre, school or council playground.
Natureworks library of sturdy nature-themed furniture, rocks, logs, mushrooms, trees, tree slides, giant flowers, dinosaur bones, fossil digs and wildlife animals is constantly growing.
We can get you off to a great start by providing you with a custom design service that includes design, manufacture and installation of a unique park or commercial playground equipment, that has been inspired by nature and guided by a group of talented artists.
Let us guide you in the process from start to finish. We can provide: –
1. Detailed concept drawings and inspiration
2. Guidance of structure and form of individual play pieces
3. Manufacture your chosen themed components
4. Installation if required.
We are sure to add that touch of magic to your environment, that will educate and enrich your children’s playtime.

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