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Mini Golf

Themed Adventure Mini Golf courses
Design, manufacture & install
We can create a unique entertainment space custom-designed for your requirements.
Mini golf is a viable entertainment choice that can be built indoors or outdoors. It can be themed with unique, innovative “iconic” themed elements that are easily integrated into a landscaped garden terrain.
If you are in the business of selling fun! Then mini gove has been making a resurgence in the leisure and recreation markets in Australia and overseas. It appeals to all ages, requires no previous experience to play and is affordable for all the family.
Courses can be designed for 9, 18 or 38 holes, depending on the space available, with various levels of difficulty, to cater for beginners and advanced players.

Themed Props and Obstacles
As Natureworks are the manufacturers of over 2000 3D sculptured themed props. We can provide all the necessary props and obstacles direct and are able to pass the savings onto our customers. We have BIG, giant and enormous creations that can tower of your visitors which will transform your mini-golf course.

Popular Themed Courses:-
Nature-Based Play, – Very popular and growing demand with an educational and whimsical twist.
Pirates and Seaside theming: Oh hoy there my hearties a sailing life is for me!
Glow in the Dark mini golf – Need a nighttime adventure that will awaken your nightmares!
Space Theme – Check out our golf trek – with moon rocks and space gadgets.
Story Book Characters – We all have our favourite characters – each hole could take you on a new adventure.

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