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Mini Golf Theming

Design, Installation & Manufacture of Props

Themed adventure mini-golf PROPS
• Including – Design & Layout – to make the most of the space available.
• Enormous range of themed props – ready to be installed – Over 3,000 quality statues
• Installation of mini-golf available – or supply only
• Experience and expertise in themed exhibits, & Mini-golf courses and artificial rocks, trees & plants
• Total custom design – select from:-
1. Traditional landscape with ponds, rocks, and trees,
2. Blacklight – Great for indoor use – suitable for day and night time play – double your revenue
Different theme available for each hole. – select from 9, 18 or 36 holes or more.
3. Each hole can be themed uniquely and thoughtful consideration to nature-based educational and entertaining courses.
4. We can build to your budget.
5. Book a free consultation today.
6. Pre-fabricated putting holes available

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