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Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals

Would you like to own your very own dinosaur?
More than 700 species of dinosaur around the world have been named, all unique in size, shape, diet and habits.
Natureworks is continually sculpting new dinosaurs for our clients and we are always excited to share these with our enthusiasts from around the world. Palaeontologist, lab technicians, biologists, curators, movie lovers, blacklight mini-golf creators, museums owners, landscape architects/playground installers.
If you just love learning about our prehistoric past our dinosaurs and prehistoric themed elements are all ideal teaching resources. If you are looking for a complete prehistoric themed environment of an individual dinosaur sculpture, we have a great collection for you to choose from.
The unique collection of fossil digs for children’s sandpits, dinosaur eggs and giant femur bones are all sturdy and realistic and are ideal for schools and educational centres.
All our dinosaur and prehistoric sculpture art has been carefully hand-carved and coloured with realistic tones, wrinkles, glass eyes, sharp teeth and claws and based on those of modern animals with a similar lifestyle to the dinosaur.
If you would like your very own custom made realistic sculpture we would love to talk with you.
Take a look at our dinosaur replica of “Blue” similar to the one in Jurassic park movies.

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