Creating natural magic - Quality life size Sculptures

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Big Things & Township Icons

Larger than life – statues, characters, entry statements and BIG THINGS
Natureworks range of impressive larger than life-size sculptures/structures are found all over the world. Many are indigenous Australia wildlife and unique to environmental centres zoos, aquariums, and commercial businesses.

Some are novelty characters and some are architecture. Many are in the form of entry statements such as the face of Luna Park, and Australian Reptile Park, where a giant frilled neck lizard is spread across the entry gates.

We have also created many stand-alone wildlife sculptures such as the giant dugong that is so large it was made into an indigenous cultural centre and is 22m long, 5m high and 12m wide.

These iconic statues/sculptures all add a bit of fun and intrigue and are certainly remembered and used as photo opportunities for visitors who are delighted and fond of bringing interest to local towns.

If you would like to create a larger than life-size sculpture no matter how obscure or bizarre we would love to help.

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