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Artificial Rocks

Artificial Rocks – Fabrication and Construction
Natureworks skilled team has over 40 years’ experience in the design and construction of artificial rockwork throughout Australia and Asia. Enormous amounts of time and care have been taken developing rock moulds and techniques that give our rockwork the look and feel of natural rock outcrops. Not all jobs are the same or have the same requirements.
Pre-fabricated GFRC Rockwork – for the most durable artificial rock, Natureworks uses – “Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement – (GFRC). this produces a robust and resilient material and look and feel like real rock. The material can be hand-carved to replicate the attributes of a natural rock face
Creating Moulds – The decision of whether to mould or not to mould depends on various considerations of the individual project. There are pros and cons associated with the strength and durability of each project, the location and size of the project and the finished look and feel required. Our artists are skilled with various fibreglass techniques needed to create sculptures and various art forms in nature. Specialist skills and knowledge is required when choosing the various types of fibreglass, resins, epoxy primers, release agents needed to create a mould. The process is also time-consuming, requires a skilled artist, and the materials used are expensive and the longevity of the mould is jeopardized if not stored correctly.  So the decision to create a mould totally depends on the project at the time.
If a mould is created then Natureworks can replicate and modify prefabricated artificial rock panels quickly and efficiently for large projects, and deliver to the site and assemble with skilled artists to give the realistic feel of the real thing. If a precast fibreglass rock is produced is allows various rock finishes and detail to be added to each project. – A good example of this is Natureworks stepping stones or Prehistoric archway that include fossils and animal motifs.
These pre-fabricated rock units can be created in various sizes and durability depending on the project requirement. Natureworks can provide a wide variety of moulded boulders, small waterfalls and pond-surrounds that can quickly enhance a garden or habitat design project.
In certain situations spraying or casting rock in Urethane foam is an appropriate method. Usually this is the case when the rock feature will be viewed from a distance or will cover an area that is not able to be touched or accessed by the public.

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