Creating natural magic - Quality life size Sculptures

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Reptile Statues – Fibreglass, Bronze & Roman Stone Finish
Natureworks natural garden habitat has various reptiles displayed in and under trees and branches. Predatory lizards, tortoises and the raised head of a hooded cobra can be seen wandering the premises of Natureworks.
You will also be greeted by an Australian lace monitor climbing the tree trunks, a komodo dragon bathing in the sun and crocodiles lurking in the swamp ready to leap out at any time. Many customers are amazed at the realism and need to look twice and ask themselves are they real or are they Natureworks.
Our beautiful turtle replicas have been a popular choice by many Australian museums, interpretive centres and decorative centrepieces for backyards. Take a look at the olive ridley, flat back,  green turtle, hawksbill, leatherback and the loggerhead turtles and tortoises, they really are a beautiful reptile.
Our larger than life-size reptiles are the ideal choice for a climb on playground structure for Childcare Centres, Zoos, Parks, Council, Tourist Attractions, Mini Golf as well as an ideal centrepiece for your backyard or playground attraction or town icon. Did you see our giant python snake?
Remember if you would like a custom made reptile sculpture or any other wildlife animal, our specialised team would love to make it to your specifications.

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