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Marine Life

Marine Life – Quality Sculptures
The oceans, seas, rivers and lakes are all home to a great variety of living things. We have captured a diverse range of wildlife animals from all types of habitats in the form of 3D sculpture art which are true to life replicas.
The past present and future of animal life can be revealed in exhibits and interactive activities for all to enjoy.  Our marine and nautical life can be seen hanging from national museums, environmental displays, childcare centres, playgrounds and retail shops and hotel foyers and out the back in the hidden man cave.
From seahorses to sharks our range of quality sculptures are continually growing and many custom-design requests for larger than life-size replicas, such as our giant manta ray, giant Clownfish and crabs have been a popular choice for use in seaside playgrounds/water play areas.
If you cannot find what you are looking for we would love to design one that suits your needs, – just ask!

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