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Amphibian Sculptures – Museum Quality Art Replicas
Choose from Natureworks selection of realistic fibreglass amphibians. Our range of frogs and toads from around the world are endangered and extinct and finished to a museum-quality.
Meet our aquatic frogs, tree frogs, ground frogs, frogs on rocks, giant frogs for playgrounds. If you cannot see one you are looking for we would love to custom build to your specifications
We specialise in themed exhibits, and mini-golf courses. If you’re looking for a nature-based mini-golf course this amphibian’s collection will certainly get you started.
Note: One-third of the world’s frog species have seriously declined (with many extinct). As a result of climate change, disease, habitat loss and other factors. – Frogs are a very good indicator to us about the health of the environment since they live both on land and in the water. If they get sick or disappear, it means things are not right in an area.

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