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Artificial Trees and Plants

Artificial plants and tree replicas

To grasp the artistic and technical aspects required in creating the sensual and highly tactile art form of artificial tree creations, our craftsmen need a delicate hand, in-depth knowledge of the correct process and materials need to layer the core structure, a good eye for detail and an overarching creativity to satisfy the client’s needs to truly imitate mother nature. A mixture of both live and artificial materials is used to blur the lines of reality and confuse the eye and brain to soften the hard lines of the modern concrete world.

For over 40 years Natureworks has built 100’s of spectacularly realistic artificial trees that can be found in museums, hotels, resorts, playgrounds, shopping malls, retail outlet, casinos, zoos, environmental centres, childcare centres, theme parks, public projects, mobile exhibits, libraries and private homes worldwide.

These immersive themed environments all help provide valuable educational habitats that will engage and stir the visitor’s imagination and awareness of our natural world.

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