Creating natural magic - Quality life size Sculptures

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Natureworks - Specialists in complete themed exhibits and rainforest trees

Gondwana Rainforest Sancturary

Australia is the only country in the western world with its own rainforests. We should lead the world in educating the global community in the desperate need to conserve this dwindling resource. Gondwana rainforest Sanctuary was built to highlight the need to conserve planet Earth and the importance of rainforests in our survival. It became the conservation focal point for Brisbane

Custom Painted Limestone Caves by Natureworks

Limestone Caves – New Zealand Pavilion Expo 88

Natureworks creates natural scenes using a wide variety of construction techniques and materials. -Rock and Waterscape creations using sprayed concrete, fibreglass, foam or Glass Reinforced Concrete

Shanghai-Oceanarium - Artificial Coral Reef

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

The Aquarium takes visitors through several exhibits zones including China Zone, South America Zone, Africa Zone etc

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