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Explore an interactive map of sculptures in Australia

Over the years, Natureworks has produced an incredible number of sculptures in Australia, of all shapes and sizes. These have found their way all around the country, and sometimes around the world. So we decided to create an interactive map that shows where some of them are, to make it easier if you want to visit them. Why not use the map to help plan an interesting road trip?

Natureworks map of sculptures in Australia

The map shows the precise location of all sorts of sculpture projects, from one-off statues and props to complete themed installations. For each item listed, there’s a photo, brief description, address and website link. Most of them also include a link to a Natureworks page telling the project’s story.

How to navigate the map

Screenshot of Natureworks map of sculptures in Australia, showing what you can click on and how to navigate
Screenshot of Map of Natureworks Big Things & Sculptures in Australia

What’s on the map

What sculptures can you see around Australia? Loads! Many of the unique Big Things made by Natureworks have become township icons or business promotions that attract visitors from afar.

Our themed props bring a bit of fun to everything from mini-golf courses and leisure parks to shopping centres and theme parks. And in playgrounds, splash parks, schools, zoos and cultural centres around Australia, you’ll find life-size animals, dinosaurs, trees, rocks and caves sculpted by Natureworks.

Visiting places around Australia

On the map, we’ve only shown places you can visit in person. However, some of these are located in commercial or educational premises, so make sure you check availability before visiting sculptures in Australia. For example, schools do not usually allow access to external visitors, so contact them and ask very nicely if you’re keen to see a sculpture that is on their premises.

Similarly, many wildlife parks and businesses are only open during set hours. They may be closed at certain times of year, or change their exhibits at any time. Natureworks cannot guarantee that the sculpture items shown on the map will still be in place when you visit, as that is up to the site’s owner/manager. In addition, some exhibits are temporary.

However, we encourage you to visit as many of the places as you can, to support our amazing clients and enjoy what they offer! Some of the attractions are relatively close to each other, such as the Capricorn Dinosaur Park & Mini Golf and the free Keppel Kraken Aquatic Playspace, both near Yeppoon in Queensland. Wherever possible, we’ve provided a direct link to a website where you can get more info.

Yeppoon Keppel Kraken Sprayground sculptures in Australia (Yeppoon, QLD)
Keppel Kraken Water Play at Yeppoon, QLD (see project info & videos)

Using the map

You can zoom in and around the map to look for sculptures near you or to find certain types of items. Each map listing is tagged with one or more categories, allowing you to filter the display according to your area of interest. For example, you can look for playgrounds and water parks or choose only to display locations of Big Things or dinosaurs.

Some of the sculptures you’ll find on the map…

The map contains enough listings to get you exploring but these represent only a fraction of the sculptures we have produced in over forty years of operation! Naturally, some of those are no longer in situ, due to changing needs over time. Others are on private property, so aren’t open to the public. But some hang on for many years, like the face of Luna Park in Sydney, which received a facelift from Natureowrks back in the 1990s! We’ll keep updating the map with more projects as we do them.

If you visit, share your photos!

If you take pictures of any of these sculptures in Australia, please post them to Google Maps or tag @natureworksaustralia (and the place you’ve visited) in social media. Alternatively, send images to us if you’re happy for us to publish them on our website or social media (we will credit you as the photographer, naturally).

Visiting Natureworks

You are of course welcome to visit the Natureworks studio in Brisbane Northside (we’re on the map), but always contact us first. We want to make sure someone will be there to help with your specific needs and may need to make arrangements if you want to see something specific. If you are considering buying a particular type of sculpture, contact us and it may be possible to direct you to a nearby example.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Natureworks to discuss what you need.