fibreglass sculpture repair guide for mini-golf courses

Mini-golf Fibreglass Sculpture Maintenance & Repair

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We know that mini-golf courses can be fun places and excellent business ventures, but sometimes visitors have too much fun! Do you want guidance on how to keep your mini-golf course fibreglass sculptures looking their best? Or need to fix damage due to accidents during use or weather damage?

Download this guide to fibreglass sculpture maintenance so you can take care of your mini-golf sculptures yourself and save money.

Fibreglass Sculpture repair kit and advice

Fibreglass sculpture maintenance for your mini-golf course

It is impossible to provide mini golf props that are indestructible, and certain players seem to be determined to use the putting sticks as weapons! It is inevitable that damage will occur and we recommend that mini-golf course owners should expect caretakers managing the course to undertake basic maintenance and cleaning as part of the job description.

Natureworks is often engaged to provide a maintenance and repair contract on courses we build close to Brisbane (where we are based) but it is impractical to provide this service further afield. However, you can do many repairs yourself, if you have access to a practical handyman and a few basic supplies from hardware and motor accessories stores. This guide lists the supplies you need and gives basic advice on doing repairs.

General care and maintenance of fibreglass sculptures

For more general advice about looking after fibreglass sculptures, see our product care guide.

Mini-golf as a business opportunity

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