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All of our current products can be painted to suit your display needs. If you would like your statue to be painted to look like your horse or prize-winning cow? Supply us with some photo references and we will paint your statue as best as we can to match your animal. As seen below our mule statue was painted to look just like a zebra

We can also paint images or apply special techniques to replicate elements of nature such as adding natural wood finishes, moss and lichen, vines, tree bark etc. So if you would like that professional touch we can help.

Reasons for painting our fibreglass sculptures and statues can be as simple as the need for a sealant that prevents the sun from damaging the custom paint finish. Or, it can become an elaborate expression of colour, furthering the intention of your artwork. Some customers also have a prefered colour that they would like to match with decor or with their business logo. The options are endless, please call to discuss your needs.

All of our current products can be custom painted to suit your display needs and is available upon request, the price will vary from item to item.

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